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Our Server Technology & Data Center
Ultra Fast & Reliable Servers from a name you can trust!
Super Micro servers with Intel Xeon Quad-Core 64-bit Technology

We Take pride in offering some of the most advance server technology on the market. Unlike most other hosts, who place your websites on inexpensive white box systems with generic hardware and free operating systems, MM Hosting places your business's critical website on our Super Micro Enterprise servers with Intel Xeon Quad-Core 64-bit technology running Redhat Enterprise Linux. Each of our servers are custom configured based on its intended usage. Memory ranges from 4GB to 8GB per server, each server is configured with dual - quad-core 64bit processors, giving a 8 processor servers configuration. We also install RAID 1+0 configurations on our hard drives for redundancy purposes. With technology like this, there's no reason to choose anyone but MM Hosting.

When choosing a hosting provider, be sure to ask them what kind of server your being hosted on. Most hosts will give you generic responses. See below our actual server configuration we offer and compare with other companies.

Processor(s): Multi Processor - Intel Xeon Quad-Core Hapertown 2.5Ghz x 8 = 20Ghz Total (Wow!)
Memory: 8 to 16GB ECC FB-DIMM DDRII-667
Raid Controller: Adaptec RAID 1+0 Hardware Raid
Hard Drives: 4xWestern Digital Hot-swap RAID-Edition
Connectively: Dual Gigabit Intel Network Cards


The State-Of-The-Art Data Center

Call us uptime fanatics. It’s true
Our data center uses high-quality hardware, exclusively. And, as you would expect, MM Hosting provides a level of security and stability worthy of one of the busiest data centers in the world. As an extra precaution, a team of technical experts is on hand nonstop, ready to spring into action in the rare event of a service breach. Take a look at what’s at work here.

Best of Bread bandwidth providers
MM Hosting's datacenter has over 50 GIGs of fiber-optic gigabit lines from over 7 different backbones. Our bandwidth provider Internap, includes a premium Mix of AT&T, MCI, Sprint, Savvis, Level3, Global Crossing and Verio using FCP technology routing.

Redundant power to the network
All backbone routers and top-level network equipment are fed from multiple power feeds, reducing the exposure to power equipment failure.

Redundant fiber connections
Every gigabit Ethernet connection arrives from two sources and enters the facility at different points.

Spare parts on hand
From cages and racks to network and server parts, we are ready to replace any item in our data center, as a preventive measure, or in the event of a failure.






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